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Here you can read about studying Swedish at
There could be several reasons why you need to study Swedish. The main reason however is probaly that you live in Sweden or intend to live in Sweden in the future.

If you already live in Sweden the reasons could be somewhat different, like:
You need to study as a privateer as you can not go school. That because you may have children to take care of, you have a full time work to coop with or you need to expand your Swedish skills for some other reason.

You can study Swedish at for any reason. will give you that extra you need to begin with or improve your Swedish. We offer all SFI courses. All courses from A to D are included in your membership at You will get the basic books (PDF forms) plus the online part, where all sound will be found. The online part also includes all tests. They are of special value as they present the results instantly. Your results will guide you how to study further on.

In figures you will get this:
- 24 basic books (PDF forms), for downloading and use on whichever platform you like.
- 24 chapters online with sound and tests. In all more than 690 practice pages.
- 2 to 3 (2 in A-course, 3 in the rest) different tests in every online chapter. They are randomly composed each time so you can do them many, many times without getting the same test.
- Statistics of how you are proceeding, compared with the average student at

Everyone asks us about "SFI-intyg", the certificate you can get after you have completed your SFI-studies. Yes, you can study on your own up to the point when you think you are ready for THE TEST. When you have reached that point you contact your local SFI school and apply for a test. It is called "Särskild prövning" and can be taken after a brief evaluation of your knowings. It might cost you a small amount of money.

Please just remember one thing, there are no short cuts to the certificate, you have to study, either on your own or at school.

Here you can get an idea of what we have described on this page. 

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To be able to join you need Swedish Swish service for your payment. If you don´t have that service you may have a friend in Sweden that can help you.

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